Day Five: Ang Lee and Me

I can’t quite remember the beginning of day five. I was still in a haze for most of the early morning. What I do remember was feeling gross. I woke up congested and blowing out a beautiful flow of golden colored mucus. “Yes”, I thought. This is just what I need thrown at me while I’m already struggling. Aside from my congestion, I had also been feeling overly acidic, and I was sporting what I thought and still think is a nice spider bite. Today was all about me feeling better so I could motivate myself and be more proactive. At some point in the day my friend Mike said he would help me out and give me a scooter ride to a pharmacy so I could get some tums, decongestant medicine, and maybe benadryl too. We ended up going to three different pharmacies maybe even four. At the end of the day though, I came home with Robitussin, Gelusil Plus (which I’d never heard of), and some weird allergy medicine called “Minconlin”, which I’d also never heard. However it was recommended to me by a bilingual girl who was with some Aussies in the same pharmacy as us. I was content to just sit home alone that night, so long as it meant me feeling better.

Mike ended up giving me a ride back to my place and hanging for a while. While he was there he mentioned that Ang Lee was filming his next movie in Taichung. Mike had already told me that he likes to perform and that he was into theater growing up, so I figured he would be the one to tell me about it. He said that there had already been an open casting call specifically targeting westerners with a european background. He had auditioned to play the part of a younger Gerard Depardieu. I was pretty excited at that news considering only months earlier a friend of mine just so happened to find his way into the film industry in a similar manner. I went to bed that night with a mild fever, a congested nose, a swollen left pointer finger, and stomach that felt like it had just eaten a big spoonful of Bubbe’s Fire Rubble, but I was happy.


– Cal


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  1. Nice touch at the end, there


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