Day Three: Politics and Asahi

It’s amazing how much you can learn in one day. Yesterday I was bumbling around trying different types of food from 7-11 and completely content with that. After last night, I have seen the light! The first half of my day I spent on the computer skyping with my parents before they went to sleep. Then I ventured out to 7-11 again and for the second time, left without razors. I figured out a good pharmacy here is called ‘Watsons’ but the closest one still required me taking a cab, so I decided I’d hold out for another day. Things were looking gloomy but then something happened…

As I mentioned in my first post, a lot of things tend to be all or nothing with me. Well it just so happened that at midday on the third day here, I saw the light.  I was sitting in my room feeling totally helpless when I heard a knock on my door. The hostel owner’s sister, who runs a nice little restaurant across the street, came over to let me know that a friend of mine was downstairs waiting for me.  I came down to see my friend Mike who’s from Orlando. I met him on my second night and he had stressed the need for a map in Taichung. Today he stopped by my hostel to give me my own map, which was very nice of him. At the same time that Mike handed me the map, I looked across the street and saw the other Mike (Canada Mike) that I know parking his scooter. I had a lot that I wanted to  ask C.M. about so we all went to 7-11 and drank beers out on its patio. Yes, at the 7-11s here loitering is actually tolerated and even encouraged. After a few hours of talking about the basics of getting set up in Taiwan and American politics, Asian politics, and many other subjects, we decided to go to an ex-pat owned bar and eat pizza.

I spent the rest of the night eating pizza, watching a UFC fight, playing darts, and asking everyone a ton of questions. Luckily, everyone was very friendly and didn’t seem to mind at all. There was even a girl there who called her boss on my behalf and set up an interview for me. Everything seemed to be coming together again. A lot of my concerns were resolved when I was talking with C.M.  He even called a Taiwanese girl who was moving from Taichung so I could check out her apartment. At the end of the day after a cab ride home I felt content.


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