Day Two: Thank Heaven For 7-11!

Yesterday, day one, was filled with mixed emotions: excitement, fear, disappointment, hope. I was sleep deprived and therefore slightly delirious. Something I didn’t tell you yesterday was that I hadn’t eaten in over 40 hours. Looking back, it’s quite amazing how much my mood shifted with just a little bit of food in my system. I was a true case of Jekyl and Hyde. I  can now sympathize with my ex-girlfriends tendencies to insult and berate me while I cooked for her, which is something I thought I’d never understand.

Anyhow, day two was definitely more upbeat. I didn’t do a whole lot in terms of productivity, meaning I didn’t travel to schools to inquire about jobs, but I did learn the street layout around my hostel. I walked around and found a 7-11, and I have to say, if all 7-11s in Taiwan were like the one I went to then I think I understand why they are so popular here. It was not quite the same as the 7-11s I was used to in the states, in that it was infinitely more clean and all the staff have been super friendly. I bought some fruit infused black tea, some peanut brittle?, almonds, a bag of “spicy” chips, and sunkist orange juice “jelly”. The jelly was the strangest thing I bought, but I really liked it. It was literally like drinking a slightly thicker version of a mashed up jello cup but with orange juice flavor and pulp in it.

In addition to the 7-11, I also found a music store that sells all sorts of instruments at what seem like incredible prices. I can’t decide whether they are actually as cheap as advertised or whether the price is only for renting them or something. In any case, if my boredom continues I may be inclined to pop into the store and use hand gestures to figure out if I can buy one. Just to give you an idea of the price, they are selling what look like well-made acoustic guitars for something like $55/60 US dollars. I’m sure you could find guitars that cheap in the US too, however these actually look like time was put into making them.

The rest of my second day was spent on the computer trying to research where I could find specific items (i.e. razors & shaving cream) which seemingly would be found in the 7-11 but are not. I also need to get a local phone set up. Hopefully day three will be more exciting and I will get all the things I need. For now I’m going to continue to read The China Study, which while fascinating has only made my finding food here more difficult. Also, does anyone know what to do if you pull an ab muscle? I don’t know if that’s the correct medical term for it, but that’s the closest way for me to describe it.  When I move my body in a particular way (sitting up in bed) I feel a fairly sharp pain in what I think is one of my abdominal muscles. I do think it’s a muscular thing because it doesn’t hurt when I put pressure on it, only when I engage the muscle by moving or when I sneeze. It seems to already not hurt as much today though, so it may have just been me sleeping in an awkward position or something. Yeah, I just sneezed and winced again….but still not as bad as yesterday, I think? This has actually happened before though, come to think of it. It was the result of me playing tennis too much and over exerting myself on my serve. It’s kind of crazy to think my sneezing has the power to aggravate it again. I’m not sure whether or not I should be proud of that…

That’s it for today but I’ll update again tomorrow.

– Calvin


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